Oneshot | NC-17 | Complete

M-preg | Romance | Post-Hogwarts

Harry is adrift without an anchor after the prophecy that shaped the first eighteen years of his life is fulfilled. Restless and bored, and wanting to stop Hermione from nagging him about wasted opportunities, he decides to spend his time volunteering at a Muggle homeless shelter…then along comes Malfoy, with an anchor of his own that he needs help carrying.


Oh it is just adorable! I loved it, I loved it so much. I had me hooked from the beginning and just got better and better and better. The beginning of Harry and Draco’s relationship seamed so natural as did the mpreg (as odd as that may sound). There were parts that just made melt and giggle like the crazy fangirl I am. For anyone who just adores mpreg like I do, then this is a must read fic!