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A short addendum comic to the last one I did because dysonrules had to go and suggest a follow up event so adorable I couldn’t resist drawing it

(though I think I failed to capture the cuteness of her written version u_u )


my fave thing is when draco always teases harry like “you smell like  you’re still in middle school potter honestly get some new cologne”

and harry tries to get new cologne and malfoy scrunches his nose and shakes his head and says “that’s worse! did you steal that cologne from weasley ew”

and harrys like “im gonna smell so good fuck that guy” and steals a vial of amortentia out of the potions classroom and he rubs it all over himself

and everyone around him is asking what cologne he’s wearing and sniffing the heck out of him but harry walks straight up to malfoy and asks how he smells today

and he goes “you still smell exactly the same what is it”

and harry looks confused at first

and then



Harry introducing Draco to Muggle fizzy lemonade, only for Draco to go really hyper to the point that there’s at least fifty origami dragons flying around the room and probably a hundred more in Harry’s hair

Draco fixing Harry’s glasses for him after he walks into a lamp post because he was too busy staring at Draco

Harry lightly kissing Draco’s Sectumsempra and Dark Mark scars because he knows Draco won’t accept a verbal apology and Harry needs to show him that he understands how much they’ve both changed since the war and how glad he is that they have

Draco chatting to the over-complimentary mirror in the bathroom about the state of Harry’s hair and fashion sense

Harry watching Draco sleep and thinking about his life - from being in a cupboard, to being famous, to this - he wonders how he got so damn lucky

Draco hugging Harry so hard he thought he might have snapped some ribs after Harry recovers an annotated (and slightly singed) copy of Advanced Potion Making from Hogwarts and gives it to him as an early birthday present

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DRARRY AU: Draco Malfoy died and Harry can’t move on.

It’s been forty years and Harry still keeps Draco’s clothes.

It’s been forty years and Harry still cooks breakfast for two.

It’s been forty years and Harry still thinks about what to give Draco for his birthday.

It’s been forty years and Harry still remembers the moment so clearly.

It’s been forty years and Harry still holds on to that hope that they will meet again. It’s been forty years and Harry still doubts that hope. It’s been forty years and Harry cries himself at night like he’d just heard the news. It’s been forty years and Harry still can’t move on. It’s been forty years and it’s so fucking hard. It’s been so fucking hard.

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okay imagine tho

harry accidentally gets volunteered to be slughorn’s example for the soulmate potion they’re brewing

he was hesitant but he figured if everyone saw his soulmate was ginny they would get off his dick a lil bit and stop sending him love potions

and so at the end of class the entire room is gathered around watching the potion swirl and bubble and a face forming and harry can see her pale skin and longe eyelashes and blonde hair- and wait

blonde hair?

what do you mean my soulmate is draco malfoy

Oneshot | K | 2.700

Humour | Hogwarts

Harry gets volunteered to help Slughorn make a potion that shows his soulmate. What he sees is a bit surprising.


Just a bit of fun based on the previous text post! It’s super fun though and makes me happy. Nothing serious, just shenanigans!


When a wizard is born, everything is in black and white. When they make eye contact with their soulmates, the world gets color.

Drarry AU: When he grew up with the Dursley’s, Harry assumed that he was genetically colorblind. It was a pain in the arse, but it was manageable. He had never known any different.

Of course, when Hagrid shows up, his whole world is turned upside down. Magic and owls and broomsticks and soulmates? How did he get into this mess? 

And a month later he is on the way to Hogwarts boarding the train with Ron Weasley, smiling and joking, when Hermione Granger walks into their compartment and walks out as the room train colors before them. Ron was quite understandably offended. “Honestly Harry, I’m not bad looking! I mean the freckles are a bit off-putting but- that was just rude!”

When inside Hogwarts Harry meets Draco Malfoy, who is the most vivid anything Harry’s ever seen. White-blonde hair and smirking features all carved out. It takes him a moment to get over the shock of meeting his soulmate and then Malfoy not mentioning it. And then to add insult to injury, he’s a total arsehole. Harry thinks that there must’ve been a mistake. Malfoy can’t be his soulmate. He’s cruel and insulting. Obviously, he didn’t even recognize Harry!

In his Second Year, when they are masquerading as Crabbe and Goyle, Harry figures out why. Malfoy is actually genetically colorblindHe has no idea that Harry is his soulmate. He never will if Harry doesn’t tell him (which seems to be his best option.)

In Fourth Year, he asks Professor Sprout if his roots are supposed to be purple or dark red. She answers without hesitation, but everyone else in the class turns around to him and stares. Harry realizes his mistake and blushes visibly. He has no idea how to explain how no one knows who his soulmate is.

He hastily explains that they’re trying to keep it quiet until the tournament is over, which leads everyone to believe it’s a girl from one of the two opposing schools. He is off the hook until he lets it slip that his soulmate is a he. Everyone is then wondering which one of the boys it is, and Harry gets teased mercilessly from Malfoy. 

In sixth year, Harry knows something is up with Malfoy. He can feel it. He tries breaking into the Room of Requirement countless times to find out what Malfoy is doing in there with no avail. Malfoy looks tired and stressed constantly, and Harry wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be all right.

Right after Christmas break, Parkinson stands up in the middle of the Great Hall waving her arms wildly and whistling, demanding everyone’s attention. She claims that she has waited six long years to tell everyone, but she is actually Malfoy’s soulmate. She explains his genetic colorblindness, that Goyle told her about yesterday, and says that she never knew the right time to tell him but here we are! Malfoy looks up, entirely shocked. He scans the Great Hall, full of confused onlookers and storms out. Harry knows how it looks, but he follows him straight to the Girls’s Lavatory. Harry can’t believe she’d sink so low as to lie to him. He has to set the record straight.

Harry tells him in a whisper, but the look on his face says that he most definitely heard. Draco stalks over to Harry, asks why are you doing this, please, are you lying to me?

Harry shakes his head and laughs bitterly, “Honestly, why would I make that up?”

Draco laughs back, “God, it seems like the world is playing a sick joke on me this year. I knew I felt different after meeting you, but I just passed it off as hatred.”

They must spend hours, talking in the bathroom, but once Draco leaves, it’s the last he speaks to him. At the end of the year, Draco attempts to kill Dumbledore. Harry knows he won’t go through with it, but it hurts. The boy who he loves trying to kill a sort-of father figure for him. It’s a different kind of pain than Harry has experienced.  A burning flame of betrayal and heartbreak.

Draco doesn’t identify him in the next year, barely puts up a fight for his wand to be taken, looks at Harry guiltily. Harry knows that Draco feels the same way he does. He sees it all over his face.

The Battle of Hogwarts and with their confrontation in the Room of Requirement laying heavy on Harry’s mind, he thinks it’s going to be okay, The way the Malfoys refused to fight for Voldemort, the way Draco couldn’t even manage to say he didn’t love Harry, the look in Draco’s eyes once he realized that Harry was alive, Harry knows it’s going to be okay.

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harry is all shoulder muscles and strength strong arms and thighs, sorta-lopsided smile, squints too hard when concentrating, too-much-gel hair (nothing will ever tame it), open-toed sandals in the summer, left eyebrow that arches a little too high, growls just before orgasm, glasses never contacts, string tied on the right ankle, thunderous aura when angry, almost never angry, soft baby sadness, callused long fingers, beer on the patio, musky manly, nervous laugh when flirting, hard lips when kissing, forceful fierce righteous loyal possessive protective, contagious love, oversized aran jumpers and trenchcoats, jet black crows, a never revealed tattoo, throat voice voice voice


Oneshot | PG-13 | 6.600

Angst | Infidelity | Post-Hogwarts

A love story and a half.


It tore my heart apart, but in a good way. It felt real and the outcome was very plausible. I expected something entirely else, but I’m not disappointed at all by what I got instead. I loved how the boys are portrayed. My heart ached for both of them, but I understand. Great writing. Enjoy!

— Anonymous: Hi! Ok so #1 I love this blog and I love you. #2 for some reasons the faq page wasn't working ( my computers fault don't worry) but I was wondering if you knew of a fix that I can't remember about harry being under some spell or something that made him always want to touch draco but draco made him pay for different levels of touching?? Idk sorry just thought I'd ask. Thanks!

First of all thank you *smooches you*! And yeeees I’ve read that. Have no idea of where it is or what it’s called though, sorry :/

Edit: Thank you @the-raven-of-blue and @eidheann for telling us which fanfic Nonnie was searching for!

High Priced by Ceryl Dyson

I referred to this as My Stupid Veela Fic until I decided it was fairly good. Harry is a Veela, for a change, since I was tired of Draco!Veela stories.


Harry teaching Draco how to make tea with a Muggle kettle after realising Draco has never made tea for himself in his life

Draco hiding behind Harry after a dog comes up to them in the park yapping at Harry’s ankles (he later buys a puppy for Harry’s birthday when he realises how important dogs are to Harry)

Harry buying Draco silly Muggle books for a joke and playing them out to be classic literature

Draco showing Harry how to make his gardening more efficient so that he can do so much more in the backyard with less effort (and less complaining, although the massages were fun)

Harry giving Draco a sparkler and Draco demanding for another immediately despite his protestations that they’re inane and ridiculous

Draco buying Harry the most expensive chocolates from all over the world and eating more than half of them himself, leading to an enthusiastic wrestle on the floor of the livingroom